01About me

Embedded Engineer
over 5 years of experience of Product design and services

Hi! My Name is Parthraj Gohil. I am working in IT industry for more than 6 years. Started my career as an Embedded engineer and as the journey goes, without limiting my self, I have explored various platforms. The passion I have for technology, I think that leads me to challenge my self regularly to go beyond my own limits and achieve new goals.

Product Desing & Prototyping100%

Firmware Development100%

Linux device drivers85%

Internet Of Things (IOT)95%


Wireless - RF, WiFi, BLE100%


Scripting - shell, python90%



Firmware development, Linux device drivers and application development, Internet Of Things, Shell and python scripting, Audio/Video encoding, decoding and streaming.


Android and IOS application developement, Android OS Customization, Mobile applicaiton BLE interface to embedded hardware for Android and IOS, IoT applications.


RF: CC2530 | CC430 | nRF905 , Bluetooth: CC2540/41 | CC2650 | BL600 | nrf51/52, WiFi: CC3100 | CC3200 | esp8266

Hardware Platforms

Raspberry pi, Beagle Board, ARM, PIC, Atmel, Intel, Nordic, Arduino, STM, Texas Instrument


Founder at CoreFragment

2015 - Present

As a turning point in my career and life, I became an en entrepreneur! Started an IT company with service and product offering.

Senior Engineer

2014 - 2015

Promoted as Senior Engineer at e-Infochips. I have learned a lot working with a great team here and journey continous with new challanges ahead!


2012 - 2014

It was a great experience working with fastly growing startup company - Volansys! But it is time to explore a new world now. Started a new experince with a new team and new technical environment at e-Infochips.

Embedded Engineer

2011 - 2012

It's an official start of my career! Glad to be a part of startup IT company where I am learning a lot in very short span of time at Volansys!

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